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Bible Studies at Mount Olive

“...they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day…” Acts 17:11

Adult Bible Study Opportunities

Bible Studies at Mount Olive There are three words in that verse that tell us how to “dive” into God’s Word. First, “eagerly”. An attitude of eagerness opens our minds to learn. Second, “examined”. God’s Word is so rich we must not skim it but examine it closely. Third, “every day”. Our need for God’s Word is not occasional but ever day!

Bible Studies offered during the week...

Women's Bible StudyTuesday Women’s Bible Study at 10:30 AM in the Senior Youth Room: They are currently watching The Truth Project videos that teaches what it means to have a biblical worldview in terms of what you believe about God, man, truth, and how it affects how you see the world of science, government, history, ethics, and more. 

Contact Karen Albu at or Carol Martin at 763.427.5305 with any questions.

Wednesday Morning Men’s Bible Study meets at 6:00 AM in the Coffee Shop. Contact Jeff Paschke at 763.427.5539.

Wednesday Morning Women's Bible Study: meets at 6:00 AM in the meeting room by the Coffee Shop. We will begin a new study March 14 on prayer using a study from the movie The War Room.. Anyone interested in joining can call or email Paulette Lenz at 763.576.0933 or

In the Word Bible Study This Bible study continues in the Book of Isaiah. The method we are using for this study is to listen to a dramatization reading of Isaiah and then follow-up discussion. We completed study through Chapter 14.

This Bible Study meets on Wednesday evenings at 1830 (6:30 PM) and runs to 2000 (8 PM). The study is taking a break starting February 14 and resuming on April 4. The break is so members may attend Lenten Services. Jim Rootes is the facilitator.

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study "You Make Me Crazy!" is a 6-week Bible study beginning March 11 at 9:15 AMin the Cana Hall. We all have relationships that drive us crazy - a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker, the crazy relative you see once a year... This DVD Bible study will help bring sanity to your relationships, so you can do more than just coexist

Family Life Bible Study on Sunday Mornings: There is a new opportunity in the Room 1115 (Bookstore) at 9:15 AM. Formerly known as the Parenting Bible Study, this group will now be the Family Life Study. Ongoing, the focus will be digging into the Word together and exploring it's relevance to general family life. All are welcome! We are beginning with Titus - a RightNow Media study by Chip Ingram. "In this Book of the Bible series, Chip Ingram unpacks the book of Titus. He challenges us to display the gospel in our lives through doing good. We do good works not to earn God’s favor, but as a result of God’s favor. When the gospel has truly taken root in our lives, it produces the fruit of godliness. As we pass these things on to future generations, the Church stands in bright contrast to the darkness of the world."

Bible Study on Sunday Mornings - “Highlighted Verses.”: This Bible study focuses on specific verses (from Genesis to Revelation) that people have highlighted (as having special significance) in their Bibles. The study meets in the second floor meeting room during the Sunday morning education period. Participation is required. The goal is to develop confidence in sharing ones faith with others. Participation has resulted in great discussions and sharing.

Small groups, such as home groups, may want to add this type of study to their group’s activities. Sharing the highlighted verses provides others to describe the impact God’s word have on their lives. It can generate all kinds of emotions and feelings. The results are amazing. I would encourage each small group to try this type of study and sharing.

Also, as individuals you can go through your Bible and copy your highlighted verses in one document. It is very interesting to see in a few pages all that you have considered significant to highlight. You will be amazed at the consistency in the Bible and in what you have highlighted. It is also provides an opportunity to reconnect with God and yourself.

Contact Jim Rootes at for more information.

MoneyLife Personal Finance Study - Sundays OR Thursdays for 10 weeks starting January 7 or 11: The study will help you find hope and deepen your faith, grow in your generosity, ditch debt permanently, create a solid, reasonable financial plan, make confident financial decisions, develop new attitudes and habits related to money and possessions, save and invest for the future, impart financial wisdom to your children. Contact Jon Holtz at for more information and to register.