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12/24/18-12/30/18 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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12-30-18 - Can't Keep Silent

When Mary and Joseph presented Jesus at the temple, a man named Simeon held Jesus and rejoiced saying, “My eyes have seen Your salvation…” Anna, who had been constantly praying in the temple, began giving thanks to God and continued to speak of Him to all those who had been waiting for the promised Messiah. When Simeon and Anna saw Jesus, they recognized Him as their Redeemer, and couldn’t stop talking! If we have met Jesus, and know Him as our Redeemer, how can we keep silent? We can’t!

Luke 2:22-40

12-25-18 - Purpose of Christmas

For unto us is born this day in the city of David – a Savior who is Christ the Lord…a Savior; whom God had provided and appointed. A Savior who is Jesus and had been long promised and much expected from the beginning of the world. Jesus as God as well as man, and so able to work out a great salvation for all people, which He has done and is our complete Savior. Hence His name is called Jesus, because He saves from sin, from Satan, from the law, from the world, from death, and hell, and wrath to come, and from every enemy. May His peace and His grace be upon you and bring you great joy and glad tidings.

Isaiah 9:2-6
Titus: 3:4-7
Luke 2:1-14
Luke 2:15-20
John 1:1; 14-18

12-24-18 (7:00 PM) - Candlelight Service

What are Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds thinking as they look at the Christ? As you stand at the manger once again tonight, what do you see? God descends to us (Immanuel), and brings us meaning and joy.

Isaiah 9:2-7
Titus 2:11-14
Luke 2:1-20

12-24-18 (4:00 PM) - Our Coming Savior

Their backgrounds were different; their occupations were different; and their stories leading up to that night in Bethlehem were all different. What united all the characters in the Christmas story was the child born in humble circumstances who would bring “good news of great joy that will be for all the people…a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 1:11-13a, 18-19 - Watch the Skit
Matthew 1:18-25 - Watch the Skit
Luke 2:1-5 - Watch the Skit
Luke 2:8-15 - Watch the Skit
Luke 2:16-20

Advent - Reading the Signs
12/2/18-12/23/18 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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12-23-18 - Signs: A Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming. It’s right around the corner. Have you had any conversations about Christmas? You know how they go… “Got all your shopping done?” “Do you have your tree up?” People will give you all kinds of answers. But many people want more this time of year. Use the signs of Christmas to enter into conversations, let the signs point people to Jesus.

Isaiah 7:10-17
Matthew 1:18-25

12-16-18 - Second Thoughts: Are you the One?

Today we hear John’s question: "Are you the one to come or do we look for another?" Ravi Zacharias asked a similar question "In a world of many religions...why Jesus?" John’s question matters, even today. “Was Jesus who He claimed to be? Is He “the way, the truth, and the life?” No one comes to the Father except though me.” (John 14:6)

James 5:7-11
Matthew 11:2-11

12-9-18 - Signs: An Urgent Warning

John the Baptist was not out in the wilderness pursuing fame or fortune. He was not seeking public office or popularity. He was an “equal opportunity” critic – every segment of the Jewish population was called to repentance. John was calling for a complete change in life style. Repentance is an about face from sinful behavior to a life that imitates Jesus, that produces "fruit".

Romans 15:4-13
Matthew 3:1-12

12-2-18 - Signs Along the Way

This is the good news to which the signs of Advent, the signs of Christmas are pointing: The payment for your forgiveness and salvation has already been made. “For God placed all our sins, all the commandments we have broken on the cross of Jesus and left them there.” The signs are visible.

Isaiah 9:2-7
Matthew 24:36-44

Christ the King
11/25/18 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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11-25-18 - The King's Final Move with Pastor Bill Pieper

For anyone who has played a video game, the phrase "game over" is very familiar. It means you have no more moves, no more possibilities to run up the score, or no more options. There are times in our lives when "game over" might describe our circumstance; empty bank accounts or "maxed our" plastic, an end of employment or fearful news from our physician. If not for Jesus our Savior and King, the phrase "game over" might be the only description for what might await us at death. Jesus our King may be a different kind of King, but he is the King we need every day and especially at the point of death.

Malachi 3:13-18
Colossians 1:13-20
Luke 23:27-43

Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry
10/21/18-11-18-18 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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11-18-18 - Experiences of Life – Each One Refined (Molded)

As we take this spiritual journey to find our PLACE in God’s kingdom work, we will discover that many have similar personalities, spiritual gifts, abilities, and even passions. But what makes each of us so unique are our experiences. It is usually these experiences that guide us into the unique PLACE of ministry God has designed us to fulfill.

--Life Identification

2 Corinthians 1:3-7
Matthew 26:69-75

11-11-18 - Connecting Passion – Each One Impassioned

Passion in the dictionary is defined as, “A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything.” Author and church assimilation expert, Jay McSwain said passion is, “Something that energizes you to the point that simply doing it is your reward.” The Bible tells us that it is from the heart that our passion is derived (Proverbs 4:23; 27:19). Today, we will discover that what is in our heart is what is reflected in who we are and what we do.

--Passion Assessment

Acts 21:10-14
Mark 2:1-12

11-4-18 - Ability Awareness – Each One Surrounded

When we talk about God-given ability, we usually refer to a task or skill that is performed naturally or with ease. Today, as we continue our look at how God uses our whole being that He created, to become the servant and child He wants us to be, we will look at our ability awareness. It is defined as the optimal environment or surroundings you need to be, where your personality and spiritual gifts flourish.

--Ability Assessment

Exodus 3:7-12
Matthew 10:1, 5-14

10-28-18 - Learning Spiritual Gifts – Each One Gifted

Just as salvation is a free gift from God through Jesus, the bestowing of spiritual gifts is given based on what Christ has done, not what we earn or deserve. Today we look to Scripture to understand God’s spiritual gifts, and the importance and purpose of discovering our spiritual gift(s) and using them within the Body of Christ.

--Spirituality Assessment

1 Corinthians 12:4-11
John 15:7-17

10-21-18 -Personality Blends – Each One Different

Your unique combination of personality, spiritual gift(s), your God-given abilities, your passion and experiences can only be offered to the Body of Christ by you. This complete offering of ourselves is what the apostle Paul spoke about in Romans 21:1, “Therefore I urge you, brothers, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.”

--Personality Assessment

Jeremiah 1:4-10
Matthew 16:13-23

You Belong Here
9/16/2018-10/14/18 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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10-14-18 - I Will Treasure Church Membership as a Gift

There seems to be two options when it comes to viewing our membership in a church. The first is joining the church to see what we can get out of it. The second is the Biblical option that sees membership as a gift, something to be treasured. Our entire attitude is different when we approach membership the Biblical way.

Ephesians 2:4-10
Matthew 20:20-28

10-7-18 - I Will be a Functioning Church Member

“How can I best serve my church?” That is the question each of us should ask ourselves and God in prayer. We should never ask ourselves if we should be serving our church or not. If you are a member, each needs to be a functioning member. It’s just that simple.

1 Corinthians 12:12-31

9-30-18 - I Will Pray for My Church Leaders

All church leaders need prayer. As church members, we must be willing to pray for the leaders in our church. Without our ongoing intercessory prayer, our church will not be healthy. Five minutes a day. Will you start by praying just five minutes each day for your pastors and the leaders of our church?

1 Timothy 3:1-7
John 17:11-21

9-23-18 - I Will be a Unifying Church Member

God desires for Christians to get along. In fact, He is emphatic about it. Jesus was clear when He said: “By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). The world will know if we are Christians or not by the way we who are believers act toward one another. Unity is critically important.

Ephesians 4:1-6
John 13:31-35

9-16-18 - You Belong Here

We who are members here have been “called to belong to Jesus Christ.” (Rom. 1:6) And because we belong to Christ, we also belong to His body, the church. So, in Christ we also belong to one another “in order that we might bear fruit to God.” (Rom. 7:4) You belong here! You are an important part of who we are as a congregation, and what we do and accomplish here in Jesus’ name.

Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Mark 9:33-37

Incredible and Outspoken Heroes of the Bible
6/3/2018-9/9/18 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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9-9-18 - The Real Deal

We are justified, we are accounted righteous completely as God’s gift – and that gift is that we are given the ability to trust in Christ’s work. Yet, there are things which, if we trust in Christ, will come naturally to us. Today, the Book of James reminds us that while works are not necessary to our salvation, they are important in that they show that faith in Christ is alive and well in our hearts. Works show that our faith is the real deal!

James 2:14-26
Matthew 25:31-40

9-2-18 - Attitude of Gratitude

“O give thanks unto the Lord...” As Christian's, we should have an “Attitude of Gratitude” for everything because God is good. Sometimes we get caught in the mundane, sometimes we get caught in the urgency of our busy schedules and we forget what truly is important. The Christian life from start to finish is utterly dependent on the grace of God. It is a gift that God gives to fill our lives to the fullest. As we face Labor Day and get ready for another busy fall season may we begin with a grateful and thankful heart to God for He IS Good, all the time.

Psalm 136:1-10
Luke 7:36-50

8-26-18 - Paul

The experience of Paul was unique. God does not ordinarily send a light from heaven or speak so directly to us as individuals. And yet we have had a similar experience. We have heard the voice of God – in His Word God comes to us regularly in tangible ways – through Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We encounter the risen Christ no less than St. Paul did. Just as that had an effect on Paul, so it has an effect on us.

Acts 9:1-30

8-19-18 - Peter

Peter preached Jesus both to the Jew and Gentile. Christ’s Great Commission was well known by the church. They knew they were to take the Gospel to all nations, but many did not. They found it hard to break out of their culture to reach out to others. They were afraid of the changes that Gentiles might bring. When we focus on the differences instead of the Gospel, we will be reluctant. Our Savior tells us to make disciples of all nations, not just our own.

Acts 10:1-8; 11:1-18

8-5-18 - Stephen

The Book of Acts tells us that Stephen is full of God’s grace and power. Not only does he distribute food to the widows; he also preaches and performs great miracles. He shares the Gospel with non-Christians. Some Jews oppose Stephen because of his message. Stephen never stopped proclaiming the Gospel and boldly went to his death. Like Stephen, we should always fix our eyes on our Savior.

Acts 6:1-7:1; 7:51-60

7-29-18 - Woman at the Well

The woman Jesus met at Jacob’s well in Samaria has been treated as an outcast and is now given the opportunity and responsibility of taking the greatest news of all to people who have rejected her. They believed, not just because of her testimony, but because they heard from Jesus themselves. The Holy Spirit works through the Gospel to bring people to faith.

John 4:4-26, 28-30, 39-42

7-22-18 - Isaiah

God graciously gave Isaiah the opportunity to respond to his divine grace with service and thanksgiving. Forgiven by God, Isaiah is eager to go. He answers, “Here am I. Send me.” Like Isaiah, we cannot do anything except through God’s forgiveness. We can only share God’s Good News as we receive His Good News.

Isaiah 6:1-8 & 9:2-7, Luke 1:29-33

7-15-18 - Esther

By risking her life after rising to prominence, Esther, the captive Jewish orphan, delivered God’s people from death. Esther had received a God-given status for a reason. Her servant heart enabled her to risk her life for others. She had earned the trust of the king, used her intuition well, and really did come to the kingdom “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Esther 2:19-23; 4:1-14; 7:8c-10

7-8-18 - Jonah

Have you ever learned something the hard way? Jonah did. He tried to escape God’s command. But incredibly, God used Jonah even though he ran from Him, wanted to keep God’s mercy from others, and the one who was delivered after his disobedience. God did all this so His Word would be shared with others, so they, too, might receive what He had demonstrated to Jonah – His mercy and love.

Jonah 1:1-10; 2:10-3:10

7-1-18 - True Freedom

This week, our nation celebrates Independence Day. It is a time to celebrate our freedom as Americans and to reflect upon what it means and what it costs for us to be free men and women. In Jesus Christ, we have been set free from slavery to sin. We are called to walk in that freedom.

Romans 8:1-4, 9-11
John 8:31-36

6-24-18 - Elijah

The prophet Elijah knew about the idolatry of Israel and the wickedness of King Ahab. He knew the time for judgment had arrived. He knew because he himself had announced God’s judgment. Imagine the courage it took for one solitary man to pray for judgment on his own people, confront a wicked king, then stand before hundreds of false prophets and challenge their piety. His courage was brought about by a faithful and powerful God.

1 Kings 18:16-39

6-17-18 - David

Have you ever watched an ant collect food and then drag the treasure back to its anthill? It seems like an impossible task, yet the ant goes about its work with diligence. We see that same devotion from David. It seemed impossible for this small shepherd boy to defeat a giant. Yet, with God’s strength, David claimed the victory over Goliath.

1 Samuel 17:20-27, 32-50

6-10-18 - Job

Job lost almost everything: his livestock, his land, his home, and even his children. But Job remained faithful, and believed God would deliver him. Although we may lose all earthly pleasures, all earthly benefits, and all earthly gifts, no one and nothing can strip us from what God has prepared for us – a place in his heavenly kingdom.

Job 42:1-10
James 5:13-16

6-3-18 - Deborah

We begin with a look at some Biblical heroes with an account of Deborah in the Book of Judges. Deborah fought courageously for her nation. She trusted God to bring Israel victory over their enemies. God brought Deborah and the Israelites victory over the Canaanites. Deborah’s leadership commanded the respect of both men and women.

Judges 4:1-16

The Lord is My Sheperd
5/27/2018 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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5-27-18 - The Lord is my Shepherd

Most everyone has heard of Psalm 23. It’s a poem with no peer and has been called the sweetest song ever sung. Since this psalm is so familiar, we’re in danger of missing the depth of its meaning. And, because it’s setting is in the world of sheep and shepherds, many of us city folks can slide right past its richness. So today, we spend some quality time with our Shepherd and Psalm 23.

Psalm 23:1-6
John 10:7-18

Praise Sunday & 75th Anniversary Celebration
5/20/2018 (Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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5-20-18 - 75 Years and Counting...We Will Tell the Next Generation

75 years of blessing! Today, we celebrate what God has done among us for the past 75 years. But, we also recognize this day that the job isn’t done; the mission God has given us must go on! “We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders he has done.” (Psalm 78:4) “75 years and counting…we will tell the next generation!”

Psalm 78:1-4
Romans 10:9-15
Matthew 5:13-16
Matthew 1:18-25

The Mission: Joining God in His Work
4/8/2018 - 5/13/2018(Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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5-13-18 - We Go Together with Christ

You are part of the body of Christ, and that is wonderful news. But, many Christians feel uncertain or unsettled about their place in their local church, which is understandable given that people – even well-meaning disciples of Christ – aren’t perfect. Still, Jesus has promised us a place in His body. Therefore, our service in the church becomes a matter of faith more than comfort.

1 Corinthians 12:12-20, 27
Luke 19:11-24

5-6-18 - We Go with Christ

The Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) was the mission statement that guided a group of ordinary, untrained men as they launched the church and laid a foundation for success from which we still benefit today. These verses also describe our primary mission as followers of Christ within the contemporary church. They’re also a critical summary of your mission as an individual disciple of Christ.

Acts 1:1-11
Matthew 28:16-20

4-29-18 - We Die with Christ

It makes sense for disciples of Jesus to think about death more than others in the world. That’s because death is exactly what it costs to follow Christ. For most this does not mean martyrdom, but it does involve death to self. We must lay down control of our lives in order to take up our crosses and follow Christ. We must sacrifice our own plans and priorities in order to follow and obey Him as our Lord.

Galatians 2:15-21
Luke 14:25-33

4-22-18 - Christ Came with a Mission

Jesus understood that His mission was to serve God and glorify Him. It’s great news for us that by doing so, He became our salvation. As disciples of Jesus, then, we’re called to the same mission and carry the same purpose to serve God and honor Him by actively serving as a witness to others.

Philippians 2:5-11
Mark 10:35-45

4-8-18 - Christ Came to Us

Christ came to die in order to save the world; to save you and me. That was His mission. We’re called to die with Christ, to go with Christ as individuals, and to go with Christ as a community to advance His kingdom in our world. That’s our mission.

Galatians 3:26-29, 4:4-7
Matthew 1:18-25

A Journey into Forgiveness
2/18 - 4/1/2018(Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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4-1-18 - Do We Know What We Do?

The tomb is empty. It is no longer our focus because it is no longer our home. We no longer wander through this world with the attitude that we just plug along until we die. We no longer live as those exiled in a land of suffering and death. The tomb is empty! We do not seek Jesus among the dead, nor do we live our lives as those who have no hope. The tomb is empty! He is risen, and so shall we!

Isaiah 25:6-9
1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Mark 16:1-8

3-25-18 - Do We Know What We Do?

We wind up our Lenten journey of forgiveness looking at the condemning crowds who taunted Jesus as He languished on the cross, and the crowds in our own back yard who, to this day, think His death and resurrection make a fine story and nothing more. How do we handle them? Do we realize we often act like them when we, by our words and deeds, show little evidence that we have faith in this Messiah? A Christ-like life includes praying for those “who do not know what they are doing” and holding ourselves accountable for what we DO as well!

Philippians 2:5-11
Luke 23:32-43

3-18-18 - But...This isn't Fair!

Each of us has wrestled with a “Barabbas” situation: we’ve seen a guilty party go free and an innocent person suffer on their behalf. We cry out, “this isn’t fair” but is seems no one listens. Life is full of injustice and again, our journey of forgiveness can be smooth or rough depending on how we handle the injustices that come our way. Perhaps we should ponder on what Jesus must have thought of Barabbas?

Isaiah 53:1-9
Luke 23:18-31

3-11-18 - Taking the Easy Way Out

Ever “wash your hands of a situation” thinking you’ve washed away any participation in that situation, especially if it included some wrong-doing to another? Well, if you have (and haven’t we all?) you can write in “Pilate” behind your name! We get ourselves into jams and we put the blame elsewhere so we feel vindicated. This false righteousness hinders our ability to walk closely with God, build relationships with others, and live a forgiving lifestyle. Like Pilate we need to ask for the TRUTH - but then, unlike Pilate, follow that truth and realize we never can wash our own guilt away.

Acts 3:11-15
John 18:28-19:6

3-4-18 - Lessons in Betrayal

Loud-mouthed, brash, impetuous, zealous – describe anyone you know? How about Peter, the fisherman-turned-disciple who was the first to confess Christ as Messiah yet publicly deny Him and His authority when association with this Messiah would put his own life in harm’s way? Each of us can see “Peter” in our lives and in the lives of others. We have betrayed and been betrayed. Our journey of forgiveness can be a bumpy ride or a smooth one, depending on how we handle this evil called “betrayal.”

Acts 2:36-41
Matthew 26:30-35, 69-75

2-25-18 - A Lifetime Choice

Ah, Judas. Someone called him the “greatest patsy of all time.” Others called him just a conscientious guy who got caught up in the political times. Where do we see “us” in his story? Self-justification, hardened heart, personal agenda, trying desperately to undo something wrong? We can choose a path of destruction, like Judas, or the path of repentance and forgiveness Jesus gives.

Psalm 41:1-13
Matthew 27:1-10

2-18-18 - A Leaven of Hypocrisy

Our journey begins in the house of the Lord! As we examine the motives of the church leaders of Jesus’ day, their plotting, their hatred, the abuse of God’s Word, are they on our “forgiven” list? Do we see ourselves in their selfish agendas and self-centered righteousness and see our need to forgive those we’ve hurt - to forgive ourselves?

1 Peter 2:1-5
Matthew 16:1-12

Heart to Heart
2/14/2018 - (Newest Messages on Top)
Lenten Services

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3-21-18 - The Wilderness to the Promised Land

The journey through a desolate place causes concern. It the midst of a desert, we wonder if we have enough water and food. In the middle of a drive across the wilderness of the western plains, we repeatedly check the fuel gauge. We know that that death awaits the unprepared in the wilds and woolies. A journey through the wilderness is dangerous, but what waits for those who arrive at the other side? New life, a resurrection, a promised land where the Lord provides all good things, all life-giving and life-sustaining things; these are the blessings that come to the people of God from the hand of God as He brings us out of the wilderness of sin and into the paradise purchased by His Son. From the wilderness to the promised land—from death to life—a return from exile!

Joshua 3:1-6

3-14-18 - Tree to Tree: The Tree of Life to the Cross

God created man, and man began his journey in the Garden of Eden. In the midst of that garden were two trees more beautiful than the rest. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life—what joy for man to come to these trees and worship, giving thanks to God for His good and gracious gifts. But one day there was an unwelcome visitor to their worship service—Satan. He had things to say, wise things to share with man. They were lies, but man followed. Sin came, and Adam and Eve were exiled from the garden and from the tree of life. How they longed to return to the garden and the beautiful tree, and God promised that He would lead the way. Jesus Christ leads us from one garden to the next and from one tree to the tree of life in the courts of heaven. It was a hard and treacherous journey for our Leader, and it required a stop at another tree, the cross. But the evil Satan, who used a tree to bring sin into world, was conquered by another tree, and our sin was washed away.

Genesis 2:15-17, 3:22-24
John 3:14-15

3-7-18 - Out of Egypt: Through the Water

We journey toward light; we end up in deeper darkness. How do we escape? It is God who leads us on the journey out of this slavery to sin and death. Where does He take us? To the water—to the banks of the Red Sea, or the River Jordan, or to the baptismal font; here, we are set free. The bondage of sin and death, the claws of Satan, no longer hold us, for we have been through the water. These are the waters of death for our enemies, and they are the waters of life for us. The enemy of our old Adam is drowned in these waters, but the New Adam comes through to new life. We have been rescued from the enemy by the waters and made the children of God.

Exodus 14:13-31

2-28-18 - Mountain to Mountain: Mount Moriah to Mount Zion

Today, we journey from mountain to mountain. Mountains are amazing and awe-inspiring, but to journey through or to climb them is no easy task. When Abraham saw Mount Moriah, he was neither inspired nor amazed. His heart was filled with fear and dread, for on this mountain he had been told to provide a sacrifice: his son Isaac. It was a difficult mountain to climb. But on this mountain, the Lord God will provide. God rescued Isaac from the knife of Abraham in order that He might provide another sacrifice, a perfect Lamb without blemish or spot. Later, Mount Moriah would become Mount Zion, where the Jerusalem temple would be built. Although Jesus was sacrificed on Mount Calvary, His blood was brought to the Holy of Holies in the temple and sprinkled for our forgiveness, life, and salvation. It was a difficult mountain to climb, but the journey to that mountain leads us to the mountain of the new Zion—heaven.

Genesis 22:1-8

2-21-18 - Garden to Garden: Eden to Heaven

Today, our journey is from the Garden of Eden (from which we have been exiled) to an even more beautiful garden, the Garden of Everlasting Life. This will not be an easy journey. There will be much stumbling and falling, many bumps and bruises—after all, the world has been infested by sin and all the hazards that go with this reality. A difficult journey, but one that has been taken first by our Lord and Savior Jesus. Because He has first made the journey and suffered in our place, the gates of the new, heavenly garden stand open before us. No more tears, no more sorrow, this garden is our place of perfect rest, joy, and peace.

Genesis 3:22-24
Revelation: 22:1-5

2-14-18 - Sackcloth and Ashes to Robes of Righteousness

Sackcloth and ashes—the signs of mourning and repentance in the pages of Scripture. Today, we begin our Lenten journey. Today, we begin our return from exile. This is not a journey that begins with rejoicing and excitement; it begins with ashes, a sign of broken and repentant hearts. God does not desire our sacrifices, as if we could atone for or cover our own sin. God desires broken and contrite hearts which He will not despise (Psalm 51:17). Jesus Christ, on the cross, has washed our foreheads of the ashes of our sins, has removed the sackcloth of our guilt, and has clothed us in His robes of righteousness and garments of salvation.

Joel 2:12-19
Revelation 7:9-14

1/7/2018 - 2/11/18(Newest Messages on Top)
Sunday Services

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2-11-18 - #comingdown

Don’t you love Peter? He sees Jesus in all His glory. It’s an event before which most would be silent. But not Peter. He wanted to commemorate the event with historical markers. You know why? He thought Jesus had arrived. He assumed Jesus had reached the pinnacle of Who He was to be. Little did Peter know that Transfiguration was not the destination. We too want the glory – and we want to build monuments. But Jesus bids us to follow Him, on a journey – to a cross.

Exodus 34:29-35
Mark 9:2-9

2-4-18 - #gosomewhereelse

The need is not the call. We often think that if we are needed, that must be where we are to serve. Jesus had healed Simon’s mother-in-law. The next day, Jesus was told that the people of Capernaum were looking for Him. They wanted more. They wanted to be in His presence. But that was not why Jesus came. He did not come to be the chaplain to Capernaum. He spoke His mission statement: “Let us go to the villages that I may preach there, for that is why I came.” He came to bring the Good News to all people.

1 Corinthians 9:16-23
Mark 1:29-39

1-28-18 - #comeoutofhim

Words are powerful. Words can heal or wound. Words can build up or tear down. Words can curse or bless. And when Jesus speaks words they hold the utmost power! Just by speaking words, Jesus set a man with an impure spirit free. When Jesus speaks, wholeness is poured out upon we who are broken. By His truth spoken today may our confusion subside and healing prevail, that we might be free to serve Him! Speak to us Jesus.

Deuteronomy 18:15-20
Mark 1:21-28

1-21-18 - #timehascome

There is an urgency to the Kingdom of God. Jesus calls us to follow Him, and the call is immediate. With every word and deed, Jesus proclaims the Kingdom of God is near and invites us to enter it without delay. The time has also come for us to spread the Gospel of Jesus to others before it’s too late. “It’s time. The Kingdom is near. Repent and believe.”

James 1:12-18
Mark 1:9-15

1-14-18 - #comeandsee

The social network “Twitter” makes it possible to follow almost anyone – a politician, an entertainer, your favorite team, or your best friend. You can watch where they go, how they respond to others, how they spend their “downtime”, or see what’s important to them. There’s no better way to know someone than to follow them – just ask Philip! As he followed Jesus and came to realize who He really was, he couldn’t wait to get the word out! When we see who Jesus really is, we can’t help but want to follow Him!

1 Samuel 3:1-10
John 1:43-51

1-7-18 - #cometoworship

Today, we begin a new series entitled #come. The hashtag has become a big part of communicating on social media these days. Also, the Gospel readings for this season of Epiphany have a common denominator of movement – coming, going or leaving. Today our theme is #cometoworship as we see the obstacles the wise men had to overcome to worship the newborn King.

Isaiah 60:1-6
Matthew 2:1-12